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Montana Passes AARP-Backed Bill Enacting Property Tax Installment Plans

En español | Starting in 2024, Montanans will be able to pay their property taxes in seven monthly installments instead of in a lump sum, thanks to an AARP-backed bill that Gov. Greg Gianforte signed in May.

AARP is championing similar changes in states around the country, as older adults are less likely than other homeowners to pay property taxes through monthly escrow payments with their mortgage.

In Montana, property taxes are due twice a year, in May and November. If homeowners haven’t saved in advance, they may find it difficult to afford a large lump-sum payment, leading them to take on expensive credit card debt or fall behind on their tax bills. This may make homeowners vulnerable to a future foreclosure.

The new, optional payment plan will “make it easier for older Montanans — who may be house rich and cash poor — to better meet their property tax obligations,” said AARP Montana State Director Tim Summers.

Our activists testified and sent emails in favor of the bill earlier this year, and our state office worked to gain the support of the Montana League of Cities and Towns, which was critical to the bill’s passage. Montanans can apply starting next year to participate in the payment plan, beginning with taxes due on Nov. 30, 2024.

The legislation was one of several tax relief wins for AARP Montana in 2023, including new income tax and property tax rebates.

Register for an Aug. 24 AARP tele-town hall with the Montana Department of Revenue to learn more about recent tax changes, and keep up with our state advocacy work.

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