Voter Registration Deadlines Loom as Primary Season Approaches


Primary elections across the country will ramp up in May and June, but people who have not yet registered to vote are running out of time to do so in several states. In fact, registration deadlines for primaries in more than a dozen states, including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia, have already closed.

Upcoming voter registration deadlines:

  • Nevada: Tuesday, May 31, if you want to receive a ballot by mail for the June 14 primary.
  • Virginia: Tuesday, May 31, to vote in the June 21 primary.
  • Washington, DC: Tuesday, May 31, to vote in the June 21 primary.

Several states have passed recent election laws that may change how you vote this year, and ongoing redistricting efforts may impact who appears on your ballot. Check our guide to voting in your state to check upcoming deadlines and see if there are any changes you should know about.

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