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Elissa Chudwin

Registration deadlines are coming up in several states ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.
About 90 percent of adults with low incomes reported financial challenges, but 65 percent also said they were somewhat or very satisfied with their lives.
En español | AARP launched a $1 million TV ad buy on July 21 calling on lawmakers to support Medicare reform legislation that would let the federal program directly negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies.
Our survey of adults 50 and older found that financial pressures were pushing some to extend their working years.
The new legislation aims to improve transparency and reduce the abuse of those placed under guardianship.
We recommended ways for Congress to keep older Americans healthy, safe and informed amid increasingly powerful natural disasters.
The FemAging Fast Pitch Competition gives entrepreneurs the chance to compete for a $10,000 cash grant.
In a letter to the Biden administration, we outlined ways to reduce hunger among older adults.
New AARP-backed legislation in Arizona is working to protect older adults from abuse.
We’re alerting Congress to the threat of scams targeting American veterans and servicemembers based on their service.
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