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Getting Paid to Lose Weight?

Is your job at one of the "third of U.S. companies" to offer financial incentives for losing weight and getting healthy? Check out this story from USA Today that I found highly interesting - mostly because I would definitely be swayed to hit the gym for a little cash incentive!
It sounds great at first glance, right? Why wouldn't people get moving and choose the salad instead of the fries for lunch if it meant they'd not only be getting healthier, but also a bit of money as a reward? But, lo and behold, the article goes on to cite several studies that show the financial incentive approach isn't all that effective.
According to the article, companies are taking a vast array of approaches at this kind of program - from rewarding employees just for signing up for a health evaluation to requiring a measurable weight loss achievement to reimbursement for programs like Weight Watchers. What would it take for you to think twice about participating? has so many resources and tips for getting fit. Even if you can't get paid in money to get active, you will get paid in so many other ways, like reduced risk of diseases and increased energy. Summer is just around the corner (or feels like it's already here!) so there's no excuses to not go for a walk. Enjoy the sun while it's here!

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