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Health News Today

Today an article in the Washington Post's Health column takes a look at a recent study published in the journal "Circulation" that shows that people with a more positive outlook on life tend to be healthier than their "pessimistic counterparts." Specifically, the study found that optimists are 9 percent less likely to develop heart disease and 14 percent less likely to die from any cause.
The columnist even points out that sure, wealthier, more educated, more in shape people probably tend to be more optimistic, and of course they'd be healthier. But, researchers say they controlled for socioeconomic status and attitude still was linked to health. What do you think? Are optimists healthier because they are optimists? Or are healthy people optimistic because they are healthy? Interesting...
One more article to check out - this one from the New York Times Personal Health section on healthy aging. The article looks at how supplements that some people swear by for healthy old age may not make much of a difference after all. It may come as no surprise but research has shown that to achieve healthy old age, the key is to eat healthy and move your body!
So the lessons from today's news: stay positive, eat well, and take a walk.

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