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I forget why I was buying blueberries...

...oh yeah, it was because I saw this article from the LA Times today!
The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry did a small study with participants with an average age of 78 - and the results showed that drinking blueberry juice can actually help improve your memory. Because we currently have no cure for age-related illnesses - like dementia - that will hit millions of baby boomers as they age, this study swings the door wide open for further research on stopping, or at least slowing, memory loss in aging Americans.
Furthering the point, yesterday on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz talked to George Stephanopoulos about Alzheimer's...He discussed warning signs and tips for a diet that could help you avoid the disease. Among the foods on the table - blueberries! Dr. Oz says the antioxidants in blueberries are "like the sun searing down the sap" that slow our neurons down. Watch the whole interview here...and see if George passes his memory test... :)
And, if you missed it, check out Alejandra's post from last week on coping with a loved one's diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

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