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Vitamins 101 for the 50+ Diet


For those of you who are over 50 and are clueless about what vitamins you should be taking (I'll admit I'm a culprit), you definitely want to check out this neat tool that AARP created so you can see what vitamins are important for your dietary needs:
The best way to get crucial vitamins and minerals is through healthy foods, so for a completely well-nourished person, supplements may be a waste of money. But for people over age 50, even the best diet may not provide enough of some important nutrients. "How many of us can claim to be getting the full complement of what we need from our diet each day?" says Meir Stampfer, M.D., professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard University.
Just remember: Supplements can cause side effects, so you also want to talk to your doctor about vitamins and supplements to take, especially if you have any illnesses.

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