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Weight Loss: Box Yourself In with a No-Way-Out Commitment


If you say you want to get fit and lose weight but don't follow through, you may seek to invent an excuse. While some excuses are plausible, they still reside in the land of make-believe.

No aspect of our lives is more susceptible to excuses than our commitment to getting fit and losing weight. I used seven excises and nearly (but not quite) convinced myself they were valid:

1. Genetics: I look like everyone else in my family. Biology is destiny.

2. Pregnancy: Three pregnancies gave me a waistline with a few rolls of baby fat that I can't lose.

3. Age: I'm too old to change.

4 . Insufficient Time: I don't have time to exercise and prepare different food.

5. Money Problems: I can't afford a trainer or gym membership.

6. Medical Problems: I have medical problems that keep me from exercising or undertaking an eating regimen.

7. Undisciplined Character: I'm too undisciplined to stick with anything.

When I committed with all my heart to getting fit, the excuses magically disappeared. My weight had nothing to do with other family members. When I ate less, my body shrunk.

Age was an asset. I knew my body well because I'd lived in it for nearly 60 years.  With more energy, I found time to exercise and learn new recipes. Because I began my program with a daily walk, I needed money only for a good pair of shoes.

The choice is ours. We can become competent at creating excuses, or we can become competent at managing our health and fitness.

Are you willing to initiate a journey toward fitness? If the answer is yes, write down your excuses (yes, even the ones you almost believe). Then tear the list into pieces and toss it into the trash.

Box yourself in. Adopt a no-way-out attitude.

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