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Who says you can't have recess when you grow up?

Check out this AP story on this great idea - a playground for seniors in London!
The first of its kind in London, the playground is designed to get people over 60 physically active. It can also be useful for anyone who is recovering from surgery or an injury, with low-impact machines like a stationary bicycle and a sit-up bench.
It took a campaign by a group of residents, but the playground is there and in full use. What a great non-intimidating way to get older people to stay in shape. We know how important that is!
From this story from the Dallas Morning News a few days ago, it looks like fun senior centers might be making their way into America, as well! This one in Grand Prairie, TX features an exercise room as well as an aquatic complex - and much more. Sounds like I'd always look forward to working out there!
How do you stay in shape? Would an outdoor "playground" type of space be something you'd utilize in your neighborhood?

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