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2010 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report Released

You may have heard the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report was released today. Below are AARP statements on the report for those interested.

AARP Statement on 2010 Social Security Trustees Report

Report reaffirms program not in crisis; Modest adjustments needed to maintain critical benefits

WASHINGTON - AARP Executive Vice President John Rother offered the following statement in reaction to the Social Security Trustees report released today:
"Today's report from the Social Security Trustees reaffirms that the program is financially strong in the short-term and can be strengthened for the future with relatively modest adjustments. With pensions, savings, investment values and home equity down, with many older workers unable to find jobs, and with health costs continuing their upward climb, Social Security's guaranteed benefits are more crucial than ever.
Read the rest of the statement here.

AARP Reacts to Medicare Trustees' Report

" outlook for Medicare has been strengthened significantly...increasing the solvency of the Trust Fund..."

WASHINGTON--AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond issued this statement following today's release of the Medicare Trustees' Report:
"The Medicare Trustees' Report issued today contains some important good news. It finds the financial outlook for Medicare has been strengthened significantly as a result of legislative changes, increasing the solvency of the Trust Fund from 2017 until 2029. The report also demonstrates the importance of new tools included in the recent health care law that can increase the quality of care while helping individuals and Medicare save billions of dollars.
Read the whole statement here.

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