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Relaxing Is Hard Work

Segunda doing yoga.

Breathe in. Breathe out. No, not like that, breathe, from your stomach. Now try a Downward Facing Dog. Sound simple? Simple doesn't mean easy.

As Segunda and I have discovered, relaxing is hard work. How do you quiet the world long enough to hear your own breath when your smartphone keeps vibrating? Lady Piola and her spiritually attuned friend, Yogi Bean, make it look simple, but what about those of us who aren't yogis or dogs, those who seem to live in the present naturally?

Which escape key can we press to leave our to-do lists long enough to take a deep breath of... Is that smoke? Yes, Angelita has picked up the same bad habit my own daughter did in college! In scouring the AARP website, Segunda not only found suggestions to help Angelita quit smoking, but also to help her relax. Have you struggled with any addictions? Maybe the habit of "needing" to be connected 24/7, even when you keep getting a low-battery warning?

Some lessons are harder to learn than others. Segunda and I struggled with the need for balance a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like the world is only spinning faster today, especially with dating thrown into the mix! That last date with the jet-setting American tech geek may have taken us afield (and sure upset Lady Piola), but in a couple of weeks Segunda will take another crack at the Divorcée's Dating Game. So, Segunda wants to hear from you. Who should she date next? The tall Cuban architect or the German "Mr. Clean?"

In the meantime, Segunda needs to speak with Angelita about what is stressing her out so much. Is it her post- college job search? Do any of you have advice for Angelita or want to share stories about your own job searches?

Please post below.

REMEMBER...breathe in. Breathe out...

Un abrazo,


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