AARP: Expand Volunteer Service Opportunities

AARP COO Thomas Nelson penned a “Where We Stand” column for Bulletin Today and we wanted to excerpt a bit for you since the Senate’s debating the Serve America Act today and expected to vote this week.
“Even as Congress is focusing on financial practices that have badly hurt our economy, the House and Senate are acting on legislation that speaks to what is best about America: a bill to substantially expand opportunities for community and volunteer service…
We’ve heard a great deal lately about toxic assets. By approving this legislation, Congress and the President can mobilize a very different kind of asset, one found in abundance in every community: the American spirit of service and generosity.
We know from talking to our members and from our survey research that boomers and older Americans stand ready to do more…
AARP urges the Senate to “create the good” by passing national service legislation this week. ”
Call your Senators and ask them to support the Serve America Act today. And to find ideas, opportunities and a community of others who want to do more to make a difference, visit