Be like a Boy Scout and “Be Prepared.”

The Boy Scouts had it right. Their motto is “be prepared” and if the St. Louis tornado Friday taught us anything, it’s to try and always heed this warning. The tornado was the strongest the area had seen in 44 years. Its 200 mph winds leveled houses and destroyed the roof of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Thankfully no one was killed in its  22 mile path. But the disaster is a reminder that not only is hurricane season soon to be upon us but we should arm ourselves with tools that will help us be prepared for any disaster.

Create The Good has compiled excellent safety toolkits designed so individuals, organizations and community groups can be prepared for an emergency or natural disaster including the Operation Emergency Prepare and Operation Hurricane Prepare.

While I hope you’ll never need to actually use these tips, it’s always a good idea to know what to do in a disaster. Have any of you been in a hurricane? Share your story with us.