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Candy Sagon

Candy Sagon is an award-winning food and health writer. She wrote about food and restaurants for The Washington Post, where she won a James Beard Foundation award for food feature writing, and was assistant health editor at AARP, where she wrote about nutrition and health research for the association’s publications and website. She currently writes about health and nutrition for a number of publications.

Yoga’s popularity is on the rise, as is the list of its potential benefits. Find out what long-term yoga practice may do for your brain health.
It’s true that cognitive changes may happen as we get older. So how do you support a healthy brain into your 70s and beyond? Here are some suggestions.
Music’s effects are remarkable, no matter what type of music you enjoy listening to or performing, according to research.
The Staying Sharp Power of Emotions Challenge explores responding to situations that trigger certain emotions and learning what to do when you need help.
Staying Sharp’s Building Resilience Challenge offers practical techniques and tips on building resilience in the face of life stressors.
A global pandemic significantly added more anxiety, depression, fatigue and loneliness to an already difficult task for caregivers, a study found.
As pandemic-related stress drags on, a new poll suggests that health care providers need to check on the mental health of their patients older than 50.
People love their digital devices. Take the Staying Sharp Digital Declutter Challenge to learn about what distracts you and how to deal with it.
Experts say many older adults may need to get more protein than the recommended dietary allowance to help our brains and bodies as we age.
Research has found that eating a Mediterranean diet over other certain foods may help protect your brain against dementia.
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