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The Takeaway: Sexting; Sandwich Generation; Olive Oil

Anthony Weiner resigns during press conference
Updated: Anthony Weiner, right, resigns. Why is this news in this space? People over 50 are sexting more often than you think. While it may not be in the same manner as the former New York Congressman - many are doing it to keep things spicy with their spouses and partners - it is happening.

Caregiving toll is steep for 'Sandwich' generation. Taking care of  your aging parents could cost you $300,000. That's the figure coming out of a new MetLife study on what it costs for the 10 million adults over 50 who are caring for their aging parents. More on the Sandwich Generation and caregiving.

Bottles of olive oil

... Olive oil linked to lower stroke risk: EVOO does a body good if you're over 65 - at least in France, a new study shows. About 41 percent of study participants who claimed to be "intensive users" of olive oil had a lower risk of stroke. The research could lead to new dietary recommendations for older people.

Want to know how long you'll live? Check a map:

"Life expectancy in most U.S. counties lags behind that of the world's healthiest nations, in some cases by 50 years or more, according to a new analysis of government data."

... Are Hispanics the new swing voter? The same demographic that loved Obama during the 2008 election are the same voters that have moved towards Republicans a little in 2010. ... Good news for older workers: "About 94 percent of employers said they think it's important to keep older workers because the companies need their skills." ... Better-informed patients can save money. "Giving patients more information about their conditions and better managing their medications can slow the revolving door of Medicare patients in and out of hospitals by about 20 percent."

...   On the radar:

To attract black investors, financial firms need to do better job ... Calling all generations: Put an end to Boomer bashing ... FDA finds listeria strains, unsanitary conditions at Kellogg's cookie plant ... How happy are you? "For Europeans as a whole, growing older generally means growing less happy. However, older Europeans fare better in certain regions, with happiness declining little in northern Europe." Quiz: How happy are you?

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(Anthony Weiner at a press conference Thursday, June 16.: Seth Wenig/AP; Olive oil bottles: Tetra Images/Aurora)

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