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AARP to FCC: Make New Broadband Labels Stronger to Protect Consumers

En español | We were instrumental last year in helping the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) devise a labeling system aimed at bringing more transparency to shopping for a high-speed internet plan. 

Now we call on the agency to strengthen those labels, which are modeled after nutrition information on food and are expected to be rolled out this spring. 

In comments submitted to the FCC last week, we commended the commission for “taking the necessary steps to improve consumers’ ability to access and compare information as they make their broadband purchase decisions.” 

We also suggested ways to make the labels more accessible and easier for consumers to compare plans. 

Among other suggestions, we’re asking for the labels to be available in more languages, and we want to see separate labels for at-home and wireless plans, noting that wireless plan shoppers need access to additional information such as coverage maps. Labels should include information about certain network practices (such as throttling, which is when a provider deliberately slows internet speeds to ease network congestion). 

The transparency push complements our broader advocacy for policies to promote accessible and affordable broadband, which can help older adults maintain their independence, access medical care and connect with friends and loved ones.  

Read our latest comments to the FCC  and learn more about the new broadband labels


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