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Get Busy for Illinois Cares Rx!

We need to Save Illinois Cares Rx...and we can't do it without you. This is Jenn reporting from the Illinois communications team.

Dedicated advocates in the toughest of times
Bob Gallo, State Director of the Illinois AARP, John Bouman, President of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, and Lynda DeLaforgue, Co-Director of Citizen Action/Illinois before a press conference discussing the loss of Illinois Cares Rx, which now helps 160,000 Illinois seniors and people with disabilities pay for their medications.

We need your help. Last week our staff, our volunteers, our members, and many of the 160,000 seniors and individuals with disabilities who are able to afford their prescription drugs only because of Illinois Cares Rx, were saddened by the news that this critical program has been entirely eliminated from the state budget. That's right it's gone. Starting July 1st, CaresRx clients will begin showing up at the pharmacy and won't be able to get the medications they need. The medications that ultimately keep them out of the hospital, or in some cases keep them alive. Way to go Illinois State Legislators. Way- to- Go.

Here's the good news...these elected officials work for you. That means if you're loud enough, if you're persistent enough, if you can show them that this program matters, they can choose to right this wrong. We're asking everyone to take at least two steps to save Illinois Cares Rx.

1) Make the call! Tell your legislators to save Illinois Cares Rx.

  • Call your State Representative at 1-888-616-3322
  • Call your State Senator at 1-800-664-9903
  • Call Governor Quinn at 312-814-2121

2) Share your story with us.

  • Tell us your story using our online form. We're taking them to legislators and the media
  • Send us a short video of your story - email it to us at Video stories are very powerful - and if you need tech help, just let us know!
  • Join the conversation on our Facebook page.
  • Tweet your story using the hashtag #SaveILCaresRx
3) Tell everyone you know!
  • Urge your friends neighbors and relatives to take at least two actions listed above to save Illinois Cares Rx.

Help us save Illinois Cares Rx.

Photo Credit Chicagoist on Flikr

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