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AARP's Revamped Retirement Calculator!

The fact is, many American's retirement accounts took a hit during difficult economic times - leaving many people wondering if retirement was still even an option. Are you one of those people with questions about your retirement? When can you retire? What do you need to do in order to get there? Are you saving enough? How long will the money you have saved last once you do retire?
You aren't alone - millions of people out there have the same questions, and AARP has launched a brand new retirement calculator to help you find the answers to all of your questions and feel more comfortable knowing where your financial future stands.
You may be thinking that you've tried out retirement calculators before - but they were either too simple and inaccurate leaving you feeling confused, or too complex, requiring a ton of information that you may not have readily available. The AARP Retirement Calculator strikes a balance between those two extremes, keeping users engaged while providing you with ample information.
New features of the AARP Retirement Calculator include the ability to develop a retirement plan for a dual-income home, calculate and include individual Social Security benefit estimates as a part of retirement income, easy to navigate tabs, easy to understand explanation of where an individual is currently at in their retirement planning and the ability to experiment with various retirement scenarios to create a plan that is right for each individual. When you're finished, you'll find links to a number of AARP resources to learn more about Social Security, financial planning and health care in retirement.
Retirement should be a goal to look forward to...not one to dread.

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