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Workin' it

A short but noteworthy article is on today - and it is a nice bit of news for those of us, young and old, still socking away money each paycheck in our 401(k)s. It says that "about half" the companies that suspended their matching benefit are "quietly" planning to match a portion of their employees 401(k) contributions. Check out the story for all the details.
Another story worth checking out today is in Newsweek - it's called " Un-Retiring." The story says that with "bigger than expected bills and smaller than expected nest eggs," workers between 55 and 70 expect to keep working until they are 70, and those already over 66 say they expect to work until they are 76. Check out the story for some resources on the best way to re-enter the job market if you're an older worker. Of course, the story points out AARP's list of 50 Best Employers for Workers Over 50. Check that out too!
All this older worker talk reminds me of an interesting post on from yesterday...It says that more than half of the babies born in industrialized countries after the year 2000 will live to be 100. Great news, right? But it took this story to make me really think about the financial consequences of a longer lifespan. Check it out for yourself to see how the game changes when you life to be 100. AARP's John Rother is featured!

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