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Bill Newcott is host of AARP's Movies for Grownups. He blogs about movies, television and all things entertainment.

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Pierce Brosnan: Back in Bond-age

Posted on 08/27/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentWhy is Labor Day at the movies such a cinematic Sahara? Because the movie studios clearly expect you to be out grillin’, not inside chillin’, all weekend long. Despite the slim pickings, you’ll still find an action flick that stars a familiar face and a film bio of the biggest movie star you’ve never heard of.   Cantinflas There’s no more beloved figure in the history of Latin American cinema than the Mexican comedian Cantinflas — known to U.S. audiences, …

Susan Sarandon: When Stage Mothers Go Wild

Posted on 08/27/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentSusan Sarandon plays the Stage Mother from Hell in her new movie, The Last of Robin Hood: Her character turns a blind eye when her 15-year-old daughter (Dakota Fanning) starts an affair with a middle-aged Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline). The movie is set in the late 1950s, but the Oscar-winning Sarandon says the Stage Mom Syndrome has, if anything, gotten worse. “There are some crazy moms out there,” Sarandon told me recently. “You see it on the set: Mothers who …

John Lithgow, Bruce Willis Anchor a Men’s Movie Weekend

Posted on 08/21/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

Bulletin Today | EntertainmentIs this a trend? Last week’s movies were mostly guy-oriented, and this week’s top films follow suit: There’s a tale of modern love featuring two beloved male stars, a real-life story of true football greatness and a testosterone-laden action spectacle. Shall we chalk it up to male pattern boldness?   Love Is Strange Two of the screen’s finest actors, John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, bring warmth and humor to a modern yet timeless love story. They play a couple who’ve …

Stallone’s in ‘Expendables’; Bridges is ‘The Giver’

Posted on 08/14/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentIt’s a man’s world this weekend: Jeff Bridges tries to save it, Sly Stallone tries to blow it up, and two very funny friends try to eat their way through it.   The Giver Stern elder Meryl Streep runs a future where older folks and undersized babies get “released” to “Elsewhere” (which is supposed to sound warm and reassuring, but not to those of us who’ve seen Logan’s Run or Soylent Green). Also, the world’s painful history has been erased …

Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

Posted on 08/13/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

LegacyHer résumé read “actress,” but Lauren Bacall was first and foremost a Hollywood movie star. Arriving in L.A. with her mother in 1942 and before speaking a line on film, the young New York model perfected the smoky, sexy voice that would become her trademark. On her own, Bacall, who died Aug. 12, figured out how to plant her chin against her long neck, look upward into the camera with those heavy-lidded eyes, and give what became known simply as “The Look.” …

Robin Williams: Our Funny, Troubled Cousin

Posted on 08/12/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

Entertainment | LegacyThe report that Robin Williams had died on Aug. 11 of an apparent suicide by asphyxiation came like that dreaded phone call, the bad news regarding a friend or relative about whom you’ve long feared the worst. >> Robin Williams’ 10 Unforgettable Roles If celebrities have become something of an extended family to us, Robin was the cousin we instinctively worried about. We knew of his cocaine addiction in the 1980s; about his hospitalization for alcoholism in 2006. And although we never heard much …