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Jen Reeves is the Social Media trainer at AARP. She loves to teach and share knowledge.
I was tired of the cycle: Color my hair, and one week later, there were already the little bits of white popping up at my scalp. By week three, I was in dire need of a touch-up to maintain my once-natural brown locks.
Digital giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft  would all  like to be the home base for your mobile phone or tablet. The challenge is keeping you connected to them even when you're doing something completely different.
GPA in connected car
News last week that a North Carolina woman died in a head-on car crash while posting selfies and Facebook updates brings home the hope for "connected cars." More cars connected to the Internet, the argument goes, would help, not distract, drivers. With hands-free, eyes-on-the-road communication and entertainment as the norm, we might hear fewer such horror stories.
Amazon released its new streaming box to customers.
There's a new box in town - for streaming content to your television. It's called Amazon Fire TV, and it costs $99.
What are websites getting from you when you answer that fun quiz?
What city should you live in? Which Love Boat character are you? What superpower should you have?
A simple Twitter message is not worth clicking on the link.
Twitter is known as a rapid and simple way to communicate, but lately it's also become an easy way to get hacked. A new hack quickly spreading right now through the social media site seems innocent enough. It appears as a tweet from someone who follows. Here's one I got:
George Takei of Takei's Take spoke to a crowd during the SXSW conference in Austin.
George Takei understands the evolution of his popularity. As Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek TV series, he made fans of his own generation and they "raised their kids right" to form the next generation of Trekkies. Now, having made himself something of a social media rock star, Takei reaches all demographics.
Google shared endorsements
If you use Facebook, you have seen how your friends' photos and "Likes" can connect to ads on the popular social network. The "sponsored stories" concept is also moving to Google. The web search engine company recently announced it is changing its Terms of Service to include an option to participate in "shared endorsements."
Facebook announced its new graph search and that means if you've ignored your privacy settings, now is a really good time to check it out
Facebook announced this week it will make it a lot easier to search your personal page along with all of your friends. It's called the Facebook Graph Search. While this announcement does not change your privacy settings on Facebook, it means if you've ignored your privacy settings, now is a really good time to check it out. (Facebook wrote up more details about how privacy works with the new search.)
There's a Facebook post you may have seen again and again over the past week. It's a post your friends are copying and pasting from each other without checking to see if it's true. It looks something like this:
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