Staying Sharp

A man and woman wearing masks and looking at each other
Tapping into your reserves of mental toughness and inner strength — known as resilience — may help you feel more positive and in control.
Three women looking out at something
Five years ago, three friends who loved the outdoors quit their jobs, traded their homes for RVs and began hiking their way across the country.
An up-close view of several different types of candy
We all know what sugar does to our waistlines. And our teeth. But what about our brains?
A close up of older hands holding an old photo of a young man
Understanding differences between individuals is crucial for understanding how memory functions or declines in older adults, researchers say.
Two smiling women doing water aerobics in a pool
Aerobic exercise — which gets your heart pumping out more oxygen-carrying blood — may play a role in improving your thinking and memory skills.
A woman getting a vaccine shot from a female medical professional
A yearly shot to prevent flu or pneumonia might reduce your chances of getting dementia.
A woman and girl picking fruit together outside
To substantially lower your risk of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, here’s a to-do list that a new study suggests may help.
A smiling woman doing a plank on a yoga mat
A study finds yoga plus medication may bring greater relief.
A clock in the form of a plate on a rustic wooden table
Some research finds it’s not just what you eat, it’s when you eat it.
Back view of a woman stretching as she watches an exercise class on TV
There is plenty of research that exercise benefits the brain, but could having a healthy brain also push us to exercise?
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