Staying Sharp

An above view of workout equipment, water bottle and towel on a white background
Trying to improve your memory? Hitting the gym for some strength training workouts can help — and it may not take as much time as you think.
People exercising on stationary bikes next to each other
Want to help improve your memory? Engaging in regular workouts that get your heart pumping faster can help, research shows.
A woman holding a yoga mat on her shoulder
As you contemplate ways to embrace a new you — a healthier and calmer version of yourself — consider how yoga can support this positive momentum.
A man using an exercise bike in a cycle class
Looking for an effective and healthy way to improve your mood and get more energy? Doing regular workouts may be the answer.
A man sitting on a chair at home and looking straight ahead
The Staying Sharp Power of Emotions Challenge explores responding to situations that trigger certain emotions and learning what to do when you need help.
A bicycle parked on a sidewalk against a wall
Cycling has soared in popularity during the pandemic, and research has found it can be good for both your brain and your body.
Hands rolling up a yoga mat
If you want to get in shape, consider Pilates. The popular exercise program can improve flexibility and core strength — and it may even offer brain benefits.
A woman exercising on a stationary bike inside a home
Stationary bikes offer multiple benefits for brain and body, including for older adults with arthritis, back pain and mobility issues.
Rear view of a male hiker standing and looking at mountains
Staying Sharp’s Building Resilience Challenge offers practical techniques and tips on building resilience in the face of life stressors.
A man and his female caregiver standing behind him
A global pandemic significantly added more anxiety, depression, fatigue and loneliness to an already difficult task for caregivers, a study found.
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