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Staying Sharp

Want to get a great workout? Cycling can strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles, and research suggests it also may benefit your brain.
We all feel stuck in a rut from time to time. Discover how mindful walking could help you find that creative solution or set you in a new direction.
A report from the U.S. surgeon general says loneliness could lead to an increased risk of dementia. Here are five practical strategies to combat it.
Can crosswords prevent dementia? Does mental sharpness inevitably decline as you age? Check out these three brain myths — and myth-busting facts.
When it comes to "self-care," make sure it includes things that support your brain health. Try these steps that can help you feel good on a daily basis.
Yoga’s popularity is on the rise, as is the list of its potential benefits. Find out what long-term yoga practice may do for your brain health.
Small diet tweaks can benefit your health, including brain health. Here are three that you can make that may prove beneficial.
Some studies — but not all — suggest a possible connection between low levels of vitamin D and memory problems or dementia.
Staying socially engaged isn’t always easy for many older adults, but it’s worth it. Learn how social connections may help protect cognitive function.
Adults can have a lot of fun and reap mental health benefits from playing like they were kids. Try these tips to add some playtime to your life.
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