Staying Sharp

woman walking outside
Who knew? Your feet and your brain are connected. Here’s how walking keeps you sharper and smarter for longer.
collage of head shots
No idea where your keys are? Drawing a blank on your neighbor’s name? Don’t worry. You can fix that.
dairy cows
3 glasses a day protects your noggin — and more.
mature woman leading a business meeting
To keep your thinking skills sharp, keep your work week short — 25 hours acts like a charm.
remote control
Research shows that too much tube time slows down your thinking power.
mature man in red convertible on a fall road trip
Amazing — and unexpected — things can happen when you go off the grid.
French fries
Many of the foods we crave spark changes in the gut that impact the brain.
A lack of sleep can muddle your memory. For better recollection, here’s the key: sleep more — and sleep better.
Woman sweating workout
Exercise — even quick and simple movements — may boost your recall power.
three women walking on sunny day
A daily glass of milk and a walk on a bright, sunny day might help your gray matter.
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