Staying Sharp

A close-up view of avocado slices
If you enjoy munching on peanuts or using olive oil when you cook, you’re not just titillating your taste buds. You’re also consuming monounsaturated fats.
A close-up view of four spoons with different coffee beans
If you can’t start your morning without caffeine, you’re not alone. More than 60% of Americans drink coffee every day, the National Coffee Association says.
A close-up view of red wine in a glass
You know you shouldn’t drink too much, but you’ve probably heard that one or two drinks a day could have health benefits. Well, it may not be that simple.
An up-close view of a woman wearing a puffer jacket with the hood up
It’s a common complaint among older adults: You’re constantly cold. But the reason isn’t just winter — your brain may be partly to blame.
A close-up view of beans, chicken, avocado and meat on a table
You may not give much thought to B vitamins, but they provide valuable benefits that keep your body running and help your brain stay strong.
A woman smiling and dancing in front of a blank wall
According to a recent study of mental skills in more than 700 adults ages 58 to 98, some brain functions may improve with age.
Two hands with a heart rate line connecting them
Research has found that our brains benefit both from the heady throes of falling into a new love and the steady glow of longtime love.
A woman listening to something with headphones on
Music’s effects on our brains are remarkable, no matter what type of music you enjoy listening to or performing, according to research.
Nick Krembs smiling as he gardens on one knee with others
In the 1970s, Nick Krembs headed east to live where there are woods and mountains. Now in his 70s, he's still enjoying the outdoors — through trail work.
An above view of workout equipment, water bottle and towel on a white background
Trying to improve your memory? Hitting the gym for some strength training workouts can help — and it may not take as much time as you think.
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