Staying Sharp

A woman getting a vaccine shot from a female medical professional
A yearly shot to prevent flu or pneumonia might reduce your chances of getting dementia.
A woman and girl picking fruit together outside
To substantially lower your risk of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, here’s a to-do list that a new study suggests may help.
A smiling woman doing a plank on a yoga mat
A study finds yoga plus medication may bring greater relief.
A clock in the form of a plate on a rustic wooden table
Some research finds it’s not just what you eat, it’s when you eat it.
Back view of a woman stretching as she watches an exercise class on TV
There is plenty of research that exercise benefits the brain, but could having a healthy brain also push us to exercise?
A close-up view of two cups of coffee, strawberries and croissants
If starting your day without a cup of coffee sounds like torture, you’ve got company. The latest statistics from the National Coffee Association show 90 percent of older coffee drinkers need a morning cup to jump-start their day.
A woman leaning forward to stretch her legs on a yoga mat
Scientists have been telling us for years how beneficial yoga is for our mental and physical health, but what does yoga actually do to our brain to achieve these benefits?
A close up of hands shaping bread dough
When the country is stressed out, what do we do? We bake.
A woman using a tablet while cooking in the kitchen
As Americans stay hunkered down at home in virus-avoidance mode, our eating habits are changing — for the better and the worse.
A woman carrying a backpack and walking stick as she hikes through the woods
During stressful times there’s a simple thing you can do to boost your feelings of health and well-being: Spend some time outside in nature.
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