African Americans Share What Makes Them Happy

In 2012, AARP released a study titled “Beyond Happiness: Thriving,” which explored what happiness means to adults and what it takes to thrive as they age. AARP surveyed more than 4,000 Americans ages 35-80, including African Americans/blacks. Regardless of age, relationships were found to be universally important and key drivers of happiness.

Among African Americans/blacks age 50 and over, family, relationships and faith top the list of experiences that contribute to personal happiness. The most significant were:

  • Watching your children, grandchildren or close relative succeed in what they want to do
  • Kissing or hugging someone you love
  • Practicing your religious or spiritual faith
  • Feeling like a really important prayer was answered


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The experiences that make African Americans/blacks age 50 and over happy are summarized in the infographic below.

Personal Happiness Among African Americans Age 50+

For more information about this research, contact: Vicki Gelfeld, AARP Research,; Yuko Araki, Multicultural Markets & Engagement,; or Manjushree Majhi, AARP Research,

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